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December 2018

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 Earth Myths in Keega

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Raiga Olir

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Name: Cala Rive
Age: looks 30 (is immortal)
Race: Elf

PostSubject: Earth Myths in Keega   Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:46 pm

Before I temporarily Exiled myself, I thought about what some Earthen mythological characters might look like in Keega. People like Mother Nature, Death, and Father Time.

I will post the other two later, but here is the description of Death (Grim Reaper).

The persona known as Death in Keega is unlike Death on Earth. In Keega, Death is a female who is unhumanly thin. She wears tight white clothing, has blood red eyes and hair, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She appears to be human, and is thought to be the first true immortal created by the gods, though her immortality was granted as punishment rather than gift. The clothing on her arms is vaguely transparent and through it you can see her bony arms. On her exposed flesh (her neck, face, and hands) you can see the web of veins that keep her "alive." Her skin is deathly pale, almost as white as the cloth she wears. She seems to like appearing in the corner of adventurer's eyes and dissappearing on the wind when they turn to look at her. She has the talent to "dissintegrate" into ashes and travel on the wind.
She appears before adventurers when they die to challenge them to a fight. If the adventurer defeats her, they are returned to life; if they lose, she takes their soul.
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Earth Myths in Keega
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