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December 2018

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 Happy land to Hell

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Number of posts : 2
Age : 24
Registration date : 2012-01-15

Name: Artemis' Midnight Sky
Age: early 20's
Race: Elf

PostSubject: Happy land to Hell   Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:26 pm

You say i'm a annoying.
You say i'm a child.
You tell me i'm foolish.
You tell me i'm wild.
You say i'm too random.
You say i'm not sane.
You treat me like someone,
who might bomb a plane.
What happened to the happy land.
Where i once belonged.
What happened to my happy land.
Where all is said and gone.
You took away my happy land and dropped me in this hell.
You dropped me in this hell where there is no right and wrong.
You dropped me in this hell,
where i do not belong.
I sit here in hell,
and i wear smile after smile.
Each day a new smile,
a new face,
a different mask.
Breaking one after another looking for me.
looking for nothing.
nothing is perfect.
nothing is what i hope me is.
But there is no normal.
there is no perfect.
there is no nothing.
There is no me..
No happy land...
Just Hell.
Is this reality?
Am i Alice?
Waking up from my Happy Land,
and landing in this hell?
And as i lay here wounded.
Scratched and scarred from such a hard fall,
these wounds heal slowly.
But in this world they don't heal at all.
While you continue to tear them back open.
Caring only for you're reputation,
for how those people in the world view you.
But in the mean time you don't realize,
how much it hurts when you tell me to be someone i'm not.
So here's to you and you reputation.
This is not happy land..
we've gone to Hell.
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Happy land to Hell
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