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 One Story, Many Authors ((come post the next part))

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PostSubject: One Story, Many Authors ((come post the next part))   Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:29 pm

Here is an idea I had where anyone on geek can continue the story until we all agree to come to the end. This is actually the beginning of a story I started in 9th grade but it seems like a good start for something like this... Also this was the first use of the name Azmerella for me...

The world of dreams isn't real is it? The truth is that dreams are real for when we dream we see what an animal or humanoid life form sees in the World of Light or good dreams. That world is Kamana. Though occasionally we see something from the world of Nightmares. That world is Eramthgin. The worlds are at war since the disappearance of the heir to the throne of Kamana to Earth. She was sent there for protection but what they didn't know that she could control the portals to the worlds in the twilight area between worlds. The family she had in Kamana was killed by the Ganallas, the rulers of Eramthgin. The princess of Kamana became a legend to the people of Kamana as that world was over run by Eramthgin. Her name in the legend was Kalala or Dreamer. I tell you this because I am Kalala, the Dreamer and Heir to the throne of Kamana. This is the story of me finding what I am & going back to Mana, capital city of Kamana.
Chapter 1- The Heart of a Dream
I never believed that I had any magical abilities until one day I awoke to find two gold eyes staring at me then disappeared. After awhile I discovered that my dreams were coming true but with my dreams coming true so was my nightmares. Those eyes were from the thing I came to call Yin.
I awoke from my dreams seeing above me a fairy, I knew exactly where she came from.
"Azmerella," I said shocked that I called her the name that I heard in my dreams.
"Dreamer?" Azmerella asked floating around my head examining me noting my long black hair that was in a braid and my forest green eyes. The silk green night gown I had on illuminated from Azmerella's light. The fairy stopped when she saw my necklace which was the Yang side of a Yin & Yang symbol.
"Your highness," she said bowing to me in mid-air. Her black curly hair falls into her yellow eyes. She had a green bustier dress on and green stockings shoes. Her wings looked like flower petals with a natural glow to them and were a grayish green color.
"Why do you call me highness?" I asked looking into the fairy's eyes.
"You have the royal family's pendent around your neck," Azmerella says as she went closer to the necklace inspecting it.
"Oh this old thing," I said looking down at my pendent, "I have had it since I was born."
"Well you are a princess," Azmerella said looking into my eyes.
"I am not, I am just a normal girl other then being able to create things in my mind and make them real," I said looking back into her eyes.
"Create, you summon us from a real world, your true world," Azmerella says looking at her, "You are from the world in you dreams, Kamana. You are Princess Kalala in our legends."
"Kamana isn't real," she said again, "It is just a place in my dreams."
"No it isn't," Azmerella says as she falls onto the bed, "I am tired so I am going to sleep so no more disagreeing."
She sighed as she laid down could this night get any more weirder then this.
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One Story, Many Authors ((come post the next part))
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