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 What if they cross?

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Mr Roboto
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PostSubject: What if they cross?   Tue May 06, 2008 12:02 am

By that, I mean, what if a series has both movies (and I do mean movies) and TV shows, should they be in both sections, or just one? This can also apply to ones that have books and such as well.

Perfect example: Star Trek; it has several TV series, 10 movies (11th in production), and a couple dozen novels and video games (though they're both mostly considered un-canon, but that's beside the point), among other things.

Star Wars on the other hand, is mostly based around the 6 movies, a ton of books/C-books, and video games. Yes, it also has the one good (IMO) cartoon series, Clone Wars, but that is still only one.

So really, it's a pretty damn difficult choice.

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What if they cross?
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