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December 2018

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 Keegan History

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Raiga Olir

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Name: Cala Rive
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PostSubject: Keegan History   Mon May 05, 2008 10:40 am

Keegan history is long and filled with heroes. I'll post the history by age in this order;
(1) Age of Creation
(2) Age of War
(3) Age of Falling
(4) Age of Shadow
(5) Age of Peace
(6) Age of Chaos
(7) Age of Heroes

I'll also tell you some of the stories from those times.
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Amithyst Stonewall
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Order Webmaster

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Name: Amithyst Stonewall
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PostSubject: Keegan Creation   Tue May 06, 2008 11:21 am

FULL Keegan Creation

Age of Creation
(Unknown amount of time)
In the beginning there were the Gods. All were equal and peace reigned supreme. But one Goddess was envious of the equality of her divinity. She was Tira wife of Celdon.
From her envy, she created Keega in secret, a world of glowing brilliance. Then she created the Demon race to serve her and inhabit this new world.
When the other Gods heard of her treachery they sought her out and stole Keega, each creating a race for themselves.
For Celdon, God of Wisdom, there were Humans, wisest of species, and the most devious.
For Wetra, Goddess of Water, there were the Mer, People of the rivers and seas, hunters of the deep.
For E'Fiir, God of Fire, there were the Dwarves, masters of the forge, seekers of treasure.
For Ranton, God of War, there were the Dragons, noblest and strongest of all creation.
For Elle, Goddess of Void, Goblins, seekers of tunnels and shadow.
For Millin, Goddess of Love, the Elves, most beautiful of all creation, and keepers of History.
For Glith, God of Light, the small Pixies, creatures of light and peace.
For Terah, God of Earth, the mighty Golems, immortal creatures of raw stone.
For Sabets, Goddess of Beasts, the Beastman, creatures of night, masters of the hunt.
For Ria, Goddess of Air, the noble but hidden Ecarians, nomads of the skies.
Only, Neviis, God of Thieves, chose not to create a species for he sought not worship, but rather the riches of Keega.

Age of War
(300,000 years)
After all races were created and Keega had been returned to where the Gods had found it, Tira returned.
She noticed these new beings on her world that were not of her creation. Infuriated, she created weapons of bone and poison for her Demons to use in war upon the races of the other Gods.
This conflict lasted for centuries with countless of deaths on all sides. When at last the Gods, seeking to end this and prevent it from happening again, imprisoned Tira (later named Mal'Tira) within her own creation, they then made her demons the ugliest species and banished them to Hell with their master.

Age of Falling
(13,000 years)
Under the protection of the Gods, the Gates of Hell were sealed and hidden and Keega prospered.
But everything good ends, for as time passed Humans learned the art of spell craft and had opened the Gates of Hell. Once again Demons were set lose into the world.
The Gods, seeing this, were ashamed of their creations. They built and Great Wall called The Walls of Rielda around the entrance to the heavens and left Keega to its fate.
Ecarians, fearing what Humans had done, sealed Hell over once again and created the flying city of Mal'Riel to prevent anyone from opening the gates again.
But Demons still resided on Keega and true peace could not exist while they were able to see the sun.

Age of Shadow
(50,000 years)
For their transgressions, Humans were assaulted by the other races for years.
Terrified, the Humans ran to The Walls of Rielda and begged the Gods' return. Only Wetra heard their cry. Humans pleaded to Wetra, hoping to end the conflict.
Wetra took pity on the Humans and expanded the Oceans an seas, separating the races.
Over time the Gods creations forgave each other. They created nations to stem conflict, and peace returned to Keega.

Age of Peace
(20,000 years)
Keega knew of few wars for this age. Amongst the few who were known are,
The War for Isham, when an army of Goblins and Demons invaded Freya.
The Pixie Civil War, when a group of rogue pixies burned a large section of Xadyl.
The Succession War, when two Goblin warlords argued over who was to be Tribes-Master and brought arms against each other.

Age of Chaos
(10,000 years)
The Odenian Conflict, when the Odenian King killed most Dwarves in the
Oddicy Mountains, and pushed the rest of creation into hiding. A dark age
for all the races of Keega. Many many wars are fought and won in the name
of with the humans at there origin.

Age of Heroes
(In Act)
Then a king of Human origin came to power in the land of Oden.
He threatened the existence of all other races and life returned to shadow.
From this darkness came Twelve Heroes.
Allie Ryuu, the Dragon Rider of Kerna.
Amithyst Stone, the Elvin-Demon-Mer and Master of spells.
Aule Naugrim, the last Dwarf of the Oddicy Mountains.
Azzy, the Pixie Healer
Cala Rive, the Elvin Werewolf and Summons-Lord.
Eve Tokagima, the White Tiger Demon.
Kenji, the Vampiric Ecarian.
Kohana, Half-Goblin and master of Tunnels and secret Passages.
Shar, the Human Archer.
Turin, the Dragon Friend of the Allie Ryuu.
Alexander Corvidae, the Human Rival of Calla Rive and illegitimate son of the malicious King.
Phaie Phaese, the only intelligent Golem in creation.
They fought their way across Oden and in the end, killed the malicious King .
The Gods were pleased with this and granted them immortality and gave them the task of watching Creation for all eternity in the Gods stead.
To this day, the Twelve Heroes continue to watch over Keega.
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Keegan History
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