Ever been called a geek, then come here to find people just like you.
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January 2019

Welcome to the World of GEEK

Welcome To The World of G.E.E.K!

What is G.E.E.K.?

G.E.E.K. is a group of students that have common interest in several aspects. The forum is the only part of geek that is up at the moment but as we increase in talents the world of geek will get bigger and better. The Council of the Llama is here to spread the word of geek far and wide. If you like anime, manga, video games, writing, music, technology, the human mind, poetry, reading, roleplaying, or just being random then this is the place for you.

Why should I join G.E.E.K?

As it was stated, it is a place that if you like one thing, you can normally find someone that likes it as well. So if you like anime, games, books, or art, then come here to find someone to join in conversation.

Welcome to G.E.E.K.

If you want to browse the Forums, click "Home" under the banner. Enjoy your visit!